1941 Born in Dusseldorf, Germany
1960 - 63 Student at the Textile Engineering School in Krefeld Graphics class, I. Mitscherlich Master class of textile arts, E. Kadow
1972 - 75 Student of education at the College of Education Neuss, elective subject: Arts
since 1963 Solo exhibitions (S) and participation in group exhibitions (G)

Selection of exhibitions

2011 "Ballhaus" Duesseldorf (S)
2010 Industrial Museum, Oberhausen (G)
2007 Musée de Palalda, Amélie les Bains (S)
2005 Town Hall Düsseldorf (S)
2004 Ahrweiler (S)
2001 "Ballhaus" Düsseldorf (S)
1999 Goethe Cycle (S) in cooperation with the Goethe Museum in Dusseldorf (S)
1998 Dusseldorf City Museum (S)
1997 Arts Station Eller, Dusseldorf (G) Polytechnical Museum, Moscow (G) Modern Art Museum, Céret (S)
1996 Industrial Museum Neues Hebewerk, Weltrop (S)
1995 Art Association Gronau (S)
1994 Dusseldorf City Museum (S)
1993 State Museum for People and Business, Dusseldorf (S)
1991 Ruhr Area Association of Municipalities, Essen (S)
1990 Art Spectrum Dusseldorf (G) Temporary Gallery at Neersen Castle, Willich (S)
Works of art held in various public and private collections